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J.M. Boswell


Dear Pipe Smoker,

Each Boswell Pipe is crafted exclusively by hand. From the rare briar block to the final stain and polish, each step is a hands on procedure in the old world tradition. Boswell Pipes feature individual craftmanship and style.

Additionally, J.M. Boswell has developed an exclusive bowl coating that greatly shortens the "break-in" time of a Boswell Pipe, and gives a sweet smoke from the very first bowl full. This coating is applied to each new Boswell Pipe.

One more compelling feature of Boswell Pipes: "Their cost"! Boswell Pipes can be purchased at a fraction of what most import pipes are. This is something pipe smokers find gratifying.

Our second feature is repairs by Boswell Pipes. We have no peers in the quality and speed in which we "turn-around" pipe repairs - from stem replacement to banding, to reaming and cleaning.

I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have regarding all the features of Boswell Pipes, our repair work, our crafting process, or our tobacco blends.

J.M. Boswell





J.M. Boswell When he Stated! 



J.M. Boswell Now at the Alexandria Pa Store. 



J.M. and Dan in our Chambersburg store


J.M with Titus, our Giant Alaskan Malamute.


J.M. Boswell, 1980


J.M. Boswell 2018 Getting ready to create the next Boswell Freehand



J.M with some of his Grizzly pipes, 1999.


J.M. with some of his pipe collection.



J.M and Gail Boswell