Message from J.M. Boswell

Dear Pipe Smoker,

Each Boswell Pipe is crafted exclusively by hand. From the rare briar block to the final stain and polish, each step is a hands on procedure in the old world tradition. Boswell Pipes feature individual craftmanship and style.

Additionally, J.M. Boswell has developed an exclusive bowl coating that greatly shortens the "break-in" time of a Boswell Pipe, and gives a sweet smoke from the very first bowl full. This coating is applied to each new Boswell Pipe.

One more compelling feature of Boswell Pipes: "Their cost"! Boswell Pipes can be purchased at a fraction of what most import pipes are. This is something pipe smokers find gratifying.

Our second feature is repairs by Boswell Pipes. We have no peers in the quality and speed in which we "turn-around" pipe repairs - from stem replacement to banding, to reaming and cleaning.

I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have regarding all the features of Boswell Pipes, our repair work, our crafting process, or our tobacco blends.

J.M. Boswell

J.M. Boswell & Family

J.M. Boswell & Family

A Boswell Pipe is Born

J.M. Boswell is considered to be one of the finest Master pipemakers in the world. His reputation is exemplary, and his craftsmanship is legendary. Working from sun up till the midnight hours, 7 days a week for most of the past 43 years, J.M. has produced thousands of handmade pipes for folks to enjoy. His dream, back in the 70s, was to make the best smoking pipes with the highest quality briar wood at an affordable price. J.M. Boswell has succeeded in doing so.

J.M. Boswell & Family

J.M. became a U.S. importer for Briar wood so that he could supply briar to other pipemakers. By doing this, he was able sell his own pipes at an affordable price. With the finest quality Briar available in the world, years of skill and his pipe master’s hands working to form the most beauty from a block of prime briar, a Boswell pipe is born.

Pipers come from all over the world to visit J.M. and Dan, and on any given day there are usually customers that have driven hundreds of miles to visit, relax in the smoking parlors, and find that special Boswell pipe to take home. They enjoy getting to know their customers, whether from around the corner or around the country, and feel fortunate that they take the time to come and visit. We are especially grateful that we now have 2 stores, Chambersburg and Alexandria PA, and we've been able to meet so many new customers.

J.M. Boswell & Family

J.M. takes great pride in making high quality handcrafted, American made smoking pipes. Admired for their craftsmanship, their handmade pipes are created for the rigors of everyday use and truly made to last.

Boswell’s is a family - owned business with a family environment. Every family member has a role within the business. J.M.’s wife Gail takes all of the photos – for our web site, Instagram, and Pinterest. Gail is also the one who does the photos for the pipes every Monday Night and the write ups that you read. She is also responsible for the amazing museum we have in our Chambersburg store and small collection in our Alexandria store.

J.M. Boswell & Family

Daughter Rachel Boswell just came back on board with the family at the end of July 2018, she now runs the internet, shipping, phone orders and soon will be adding estate pipes to the website and much more. She has always been a part of the stores over the years helping out when needed. Our Website and shipping is all run from our Alexandria Pa Store.

J.M. and Dan, who work full time, side by side together, have created pipes that range from the smallest to the largest smoking pipes made in the world. Dan has known he wanted to follow in his fathers’ footsteps since he was a young boy, helping J.M. after school and during summer vacation. He has been working for the family business full time since he graduated high school.

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