Boswell Nomenclature Information

J.M. Boswell is one of the first American pipe makers to hand-engrave his name onto each of his briar pipes, instead of using a metal stamp. In the 70’s he always hand carved his signature onto the shank of all his pipes.

From 1975 to the beginning of 1980 while working for pipe maker Richard Johnson, J.M. made hundreds of pipes, on which he stamped Johnson Handmade. J.M. made 90% of all those pipes in that era. Near the end of J.M.'s employment at Johnson’s, you will find pipes with Boswell's signature hand-engraved on the underside of the pipes with Johnson handmade stamped on the side.

Beginning in 1980, here at Boswell’s Pipe and Tobacco, J.M. had a metal stamp made and experimented with it a few times, but felt it was not a proper finish for his handmade pipes. “A work of art should be hand signed not stamped like machine made pipes. Artist’s always sign their work.”

Thrown by an illegible signature, J.M. started to carve his name more clearly around 1998. Since J.M. was selling his pipes all over the world, he then started to print USA along with his name and year.

Dated Pipes

Dated Pipes

J.M. Boswell started dating all his pipes towards the middle of the 80’s, after customers had begun to request that the year be added.

For example:
2000 are dated 2000
2001 are dated 2001
2002 are dated 2002

J.M. Boswell, USA and the year of production are on larger sized pipes.

Special Boswell Pipes That Were Made for Stores or Clubs

Pipe Made for Sherlock Homes Pipe Club

J.M. Boswell 1997 Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston was commissioned to make large bent Calabash pipes.

(This was their club's first club pipe made for the Sherlock Homes Pipe Club.)

Boswell Christmas Classic

Tinder Box store Owner Charlie Affeld got together with J.M. and had a design Series of Boswell Christmas Classic.

Exclusively for the Mishawaka and South Bend Tinder Box stores only.

  • These were numbered 1 to 50
  • Year 2000
  • They are burgundy bowls with gray acrylic bits.

The Gettysburg Pipe -By J.M. Boswell, Limited Edition Design for The Old Virginia Tobacco Company Merrifield Va.

100th Anniversary pipes - Exclusively for Hain’s Pipe and Cigars in York, Pa.

Hand Crafted in the early 80’s to celebrate One Hundred years of the cigar store business in York. J.M. had made 100 pipes for them exclusively to be sold in their store. The second oldest tobacco store in Pennsylvania.

Owner of Hains at that time was Mrs. Miller.

Many Boswell wedding pipes with the Bride and Groom names and wedding date have been made.

J.M. made a matching set of Bulldog Pipes in custom boxes. Anniversary of his making pipes since 1975.

5 sets made in 1985

Boswell Meerschaum Pipes
Boswell Meerschaum Pipes
Boswell Meerschaum Pipes
Boswell Meerschaum Pipes

Boswell Nomenclature Information - Meerschaum Pipes

  • J.M. hand carved Meerschaum Pipes in 1981
  • J.M. kept these two in photos for himself to smoke.
  • Created about 50 pipes, in different styles that he had sold.
  • J.M. created them all out of solid Meerschaum blocks.
  • Sold them till he ran out of the blocks of Meerschaum.
  • If collecting Boswell Pipes, it will be a rare find if you can get one of these for your collection.
  • J.M. had a stamp with his name J.M. Boswell and used this on his Meerschaum pipes.
  • No date is on these pipes just his name.
Boswell Relief-Carved Pipes
Boswell Relief-Carved Pipes

Boswell Relief-Carved Pipes

J.M. is also a self taught relief carver which takes many hours of labor.

Here are some of the many pipes he has made in the past.

Special Edition Anniversary Pipes

Special Edition Anniversary Pipes
March 2010


Only the highest quality materials are used in the creations of these exquisite smoking pipes.

We import the highest quality briarwood; select the briar block size to use, according to the dimensions the pipe will be made to.

The price is based off of the detail and time spent on the pipe, instead of using a grading scale.

J.M. believes as long as you find a Boswell pipe that fits well in your hand, as well as in your budget, that is what matters most…

The rest is up to J.M and Dan to make sure you will have a pipe of the highest quality and workmanship that the Boswell’s can make.

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