Boswell Tobacco List

Apple Streudel - Light Apple flavor with a hint of vanilla. Special mix that has been blended for many who have been requesting a mild and satisfying Apple Blend. Created and Master blended by J.M. - Nov. 2006

Bear Blend - A very bold smoke. Cherry Caramel tasting tobacco, that our good friends John and Bill blended here at our store along with Dan. Together they captured the complexity and full-bodied flavor of the blended premium tobaccos. The result will dazzle your senses.

Berry Cobbler - Hints of spice in the aroma that reminds me of a berry cobbler just out of the oven. Intense fruit aromas with a taste that is smooth the whole time. A cool light smoke and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Black Jack - Boswell Black Jack is a coarse cut burley and cavendish blend, a perfect all day smoke.

Blend 35 - Created in April 2015 in honor of our 35th Anniversary, 35 is blended with loose cut burley, golden cavendish, and a touch of fire-cured cavendish. The result is a light, mild, slow-burning smoke with just a hint of sweetness.

Boswell’s Best – A masterful blend of Cavendish, string cut Virginia and black vanilla Cavendish added as enhancer to make an all day smoke. This is a favorite of our customers. It’s a delicious taste sensation that you will want to experience with your first pipe. The name says it all - Boswell’s Best, as it was one of J.M.'s best tobaccos that he blended back in 1975.

Boswell's Black Cherry - This is a black Cavendish, it tastes and smells exactly like black cherries. This tobacco burns very clean and has excellent room aroma. This is another one of J.M.'s blends that have been around since the early 1980's.

Boswell’s Cherry Vanilla - Boswell's Cherry Vanilla is a perfect balance of Cherry to Vanilla Blend J.M. has Created here in our Alexandria Pennsylvania store. When a blend starts for him it is from a customer saying "I would really like this or maybe that J.M." and he gets to thinking, then he gets to blending and testing. Next thing you know he has this amazing, tasty, smooth, no bite Boswell Blend.

J.M. has once again created a blend full of flavor with the cut golden Cavendish, black and fire-cured cavendish with Enhanced Cherry and Vanilla flavor to come up with this delicious NEW blend for 2021 that is smooth, slow burning, and is pleasurable to friends around you.

Boswell’s Honey Roast - Honey Roast is another Superb blend of Cut Golden Cavendish, Black and Fire-cured Cavendish. Black Honey Cavendish added as enhancer to make an all day smoke. It’s a delicious honey taste sensation that you will want to experience with your bowl. The name says it all - Boswell’s Honey Roast, J.M. has enhanced the Honey flavor by adding extra Honey flavor to really bring out the taste but still keep it smooth and slow burning.

Boswell’s Premium Burley - Created by J.M. April 2007 - A carefully balanced blend creating a mild but full bodied flavor. A Kentucky Burley ripened to the fullest flavor. This is a winner with our customers, no other Burley like it!

Cherry Smash - Blend of Cavendish Tobacco flavored with a rich cherry mixture... Full aromatic, medium to full bodied yet gentle. One of J.M.’s first masterful blends 30 years ago. While smoking the cherry aroma gives way to an agreeable, light tobacco flavor. Burns easily to the end.

Chocolate Cream - Rich dark chocolate taste with a vanilla finish, the customers have said it is very mild, with a whiff of chocolate aroma. Easy on the palate.

Christmas Cookie – One of the First blends Dan Boswell Created in November of 2002, Dan worked on this blend for 7 months to get it just right for Christmas of 2002 which he created an amazing, smooth, delightful, and no bite blend. When it was offered to our Boswell Customers it was to start as only a Seasonal blend but right after Christmas of 2002, we went to take it off the counter and the out pour of our customer saying "We need it all year" we could not say no to that. So that is why Christmas Cookie is available all year round.

A Very Mild, Smooth, and Satisfying Blend Created by hand to maintain each tobacco's individual characteristics. Christmas Cookie will tempt the most discriminating palate and create a delightful aroma for everyone around you!

Christmas Cookie is an ideal tobacco for a Christmas Gift and a tobacco that every pipe smoker will enjoy as real Holiday Treat!

Cupcake - Created by Dan and J.M. in the fall of 2013. A rich, buttery blend of black and golden Cavendish, reminiscent of fresh bakes cupcake and sweet buttercream frosting.

Dan’s Blend - A blend of Golden Long cut Virginias. Mild, and cool blend. If you like Virginias this is a wonderful, gentle, smooth smoke.

Hunter's Choice - A rich traditional blend of Cavendish, Burleys and Bright Virginias. Seasoned with a unique semi sweet very pleasant aroma. Blended to perfection and enhanced with a subtle aromatic fragrance.

Maple Leaf – The smooth, rich flavor of maple is captured in our Maple Leaf. A most unique blend with a touch of vanilla which does not alter the maple aroma but adds a distinctive, mild touch to it.

Majestic 586 - A blend of toasted Cavendish with some Burleys and broad cut Virginias with a satisfying sweet taste. Dark tobaccos contrast with the golden yellow of Virginia. While smoking, the taste mellows and remains very rich until the end with out losing any of its personality. Especially good on relights.

No Bite DeLite - Hand blended from premium tobaccos. Dan Boswell has created a warm caramel that caresses the palate with aromatic flavors. Dan has truly captured the complexity and full-bodied flavor, but without the BITE.

Paradise - Rich Black Cavendish with a full-bodied with hints of vanilla on the finish. Blended up for a nice mild and flavored smoke. Once lit the vanilla certainly comes through, complementing the dark cavendish in a gentle way.

Peaches and Cream - It has the intense hint of ripe peaches and passion fruit taste with a light aroma. It smokes nice and mild. Fill a pipe full with this delicious blend. You will feel a full measure of contentment and enjoyment with each puff.

Pennsylvania Dutch Treat – Full and rich and superbly made with a Cavendish blend, along with burley with a pinch of cherry. Bursting with rich flavors and smoothness. PA Dutch is one of J.M.'s favorites to smoke, which he masterfully blended back when he was 20 years old.

Piper's Pleasure - Aroma - one of the most important aspects of any smoking tobacco. Perfect burning quality. Rich flavors of chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and a mild sweetness. A mild, slow burning, cool smoke.

Pom Holiday - Masterfully created by J.M. in 2009. One of J.M.'s favorite fruit is Pomegranate. J.M. thought, why not a tobacco to enjoy also? The blending itself is an art. Harmonizing this tasty Pomegranate fruit with J.M.'s exquisite tobacco formula has made this deliciously mild, yet full of fragrance. It clears the brain and soothes the temper.

Raspberry Cream – Rich toasted Raspberry Cavendish with a sprinkle of Golden Cavendish; a mild and sweet blend.

Route 22 - New blend!!! Named "Route 22" in celebration of our second location now open on Route 22 in Alexandria PA.A predominantly toasted cavendish blend, you'll also taste hints of burley, butterscotch, and vanilla. A great all-day smoke!

Rum River - Creates a delightful taste sensation. A taste of the Island with every puff.

Smoker’s Choice – Full bodied black Cavendish tobaccos flavored with a pinch of vanilla on the finish. Extremely mild, cool smoke. Many have the idea that because a tobacco is dark in color it is strong. This is not necessarily correct. The method of curing generally determines the color of tobacco and this does not affect its strength.

Spice and Nice - A good amount of Black Cavendish, and just a little Sweet Virginia to make a sweet mild smoke. A very smooth but not weak, a very aromatic tobacco that is welcomed when smoking indoors.

SWEET DREAMS - Light, fresh with satisfying sweetness. Blend of fine dark Cavendish and flue-cured bright Virginias. Flavored with a sweet concoction of food flavorings that J.M. likes to experiment with. Excellent room note, you will fall in love with this one!

Sweet and Mild - A Golden Cavendish blend along with overtones of toasted Cherry. It is very smooth and has an excellent room aroma. History of this blend being born is back in 1998, Dan along with Russ Hess a customer that turned into a good friend. They worked on this blend till they got it just right. Now this is Russ's favorite all day smoke and many others who have discovered Sweet and Mild. Customers who smoke Sweet and Mild are often asked what is that sweet aroma?

Sweet Tea - Customer Scott Carlin has written us his thoughts on Sweet Tea. “Smoked very cool with a mildly citrus and sweet taste. Best of all, there was very little aftertaste".

Vanilla Cream - This blend has the #1 graded American AAA Burley, Gold Cavendish, and Virginia Tobaccos flavored with Vanilla Extract. A mild smoke with a wonderful aroma. Very popular if you like vanilla but not too strong! J.M.’s Vanilla Cream Blend has been selling well over 30 years.

English Tobaccos

Countryside - Countryside is our medium English blend. It is a delicious, smooth-bodied blend with no tongue bite. A wonderful balance for an enjoyable all-day smoke.

Imperial English - Imperial English is a traditional mixture of red Virginia, Turkish Burley, Latakia, and Perique, Medium Strength, a perfect introduction to English style pipe smoking.

J.M.’s Private Stock Virginia Perique (VaPer) - J.M.'s has been blending this for 15 years his own mix of a Virginia Slice and perfect amount of Perique to make one of his favorites to smoke in the Lounge. This special mixture was only available in the stores for the longest time due to the time it takes J.M. to blend this one. However due to demand for the Private Stock we just had to offer it to everyone.

Magnum Blend - Superbly made blend that Dan had created with a good friend in mind who was searching for a light English. The result is a unique taste experience. Excellent blend to look forward to at the end of your day. Another Masterful blend by Dan Boswell.

Mild English - Blend of Burley, Golden Virginia, and Cavendish. Has a touch of Latakia to make a well balanced, fuller-bodied smoke. Combustion is cool and slow. VERY MILD for an English!

Military Force - Military Force is a English blend that has a pleasing aroma and tasty flavor. J.M. says “This is truly the Smoke of The Warriors." With our US Military in mind, he created an outdoor smoke. A complex English blend, smooth with Latakia, Toasted Virginias, aged cubed Burley, and Orientals. Smoothness is the result of this fine balance between the flavor and the body of this hand blended tobacco that J.M. has created.

Northwoods - Full bodied and full flavor a deeply complex English but with a smooth and mild base of Latakia along with Toasted Virginias. J.M. had blended Northwoods for himself to smoke, but then the customers started asking him what he was smoking and his answer was "have a bowl". Northwoods has become one of our most popular English blends.

Railroad Station - A rich, flavorful Latakia blend with a nice cool burn.

Titus Blend - Titus blend is an English mixture with a mild taste of Latakia, that delivers a "gentle, giant smoke". A mix of light Cavendish Virginias, Burleys, Latakia, and Perique.

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