Boswell Countryside

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Countryside is our medium English blend.  It is a delicious, smooth-bodied blend with no tongue bite.  A wonderful balance for an enjoyable all-day smoke.

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8 reviews for Boswell Countryside

  1. Michael Whaley (verified owner)

    This is one of the best blends I have ever had. I absolutely love the taste. There is something special about these Boswell’s blends.

  2. Jeff Beal

    Boswell Countryside yep, I have smoke this in my cobs and in my Boswell Egg shape pipe. Here to tell ya folks this blend is a awesome smoke. Just when you think you have the flavor notes down pack you take another puff and i’ll be damn if there is something different from the previous puff. Not in a big way but just enough to make you think wait a minute i did not notice that a min ago. If you catch my meaning. Give this a try people you will not be disappointed. If your scared say your scared. haha. Ironworker Cowboys in the sky.

  3. Stan (verified owner)

    I am normally an English-Aeromatic blend pipe smoker. Aeromatics I have tried either burn too hot or are too wet/sticky. Read reviews on Countryside and tried it. Wow! Not what I expected. Very smooth, mellow and flavorful smoke.

  4. Steve Whisken

    After finding this tobacco a few years ago I have been smoking it exclusively.
    If you like a Latakia English blend with no sugar, no added flavours just have to try it.
    They don’t give away any hints to the mixture in the description but it’s all there.

  5. Bryan Gerard (verified owner)

    Very very nice crossover blend. Think of Lane HGL. Its very similar. Its a less smokey and sweeter Northwoods style. I love it. I highly suggest grabbing some!

  6. bostonwins04 (verified owner)

    Got my order of Countryside along with three other Boswell English blends today. I had been wanting to try Countryside for awhile and finally order some. I am not a tobacco snob in the least. I do not go into a deep review of a tobacco. I keep short and to the point. I have found that about 97% of the time I can tell with the first bowl if I will be ordering more of that blend. Well Countryside pass that test. It packs well, lights well and stays lit. Burns to a nice white/gray ash. This can be an all day smoke for me. I will be ordering more for my cellar and this will be added to the rotation. This is a great blend. If you like a medium English then look no further. But don’t just take my word for it- order some yourself and see.

  7. Chanduell (verified owner)

    This was my first English that allowed me to open up my palate to more nuanced and sophisticated notes in English or Virginia blends! This is an all day smoker that is quite impressive. It gives off deep notes of molasses, cream, & cinnamon which is always held up by a smokey character. I believe this is a quintessential English that’s not too heavy, nor too light. I highly recommend for those that haven’t ventured into English blends yet, and I also recommend it for the veteran smoker who’s looking for something that’s an easy smoke while providing nuanced flavors if you take the time to think about them. 4 stars.

  8. WILLIAM KREILING (verified owner)

    As a 73 year old pipe smoker and having tried numerous blends, too many to count, I can finally say I may have found my “holy grail of pipe tobacco”.
    Here is a tasty, yet mild English style blend that contains many nuances while maintaining a flavorful profile where one ingredient does not over power

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