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Full bodied and full flavor –  a deeply complex English, but with a smooth and mild base of Latakia along with Toasted Virginias.  J.M. had blended Northwoods for himself to smoke since the early 80s,  but then the customers started asking him what he was smoking and his answer was “have a bowl”. Northwoods has become one of our most popular English blends.


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26 reviews for Boswell Northwoods

  1. Jeff Beal (verified owner)

    There is NOTHING on the market or even close to Boswell’s Northwoods. This blend is so smooth & complex the Latakia is not a big slap in the face it is where you would want it to be and the toasted virginias in this blend is like no other. A smooth burn all the way down to the bottom it just keeps getting better all the way down to the end of the bowl. There is nothing like puffing Boswells Northwoods up on the iron where eagles dare to fly. Thank you Boswell. Jeff Beal Ironworker, Cowboy’s in the sky

  2. Casey Smith (verified owner)

    This is easily one of the best english tobaccos on the market! I have a decent rotation. The stars of it would be plum pudding reserve, balkan sobranie, quiet nights, mississippi river, squadron leader, black house, and bengal slices. This is my favorite. This is actually my favorite tobacco of all time. This is the tobacco i would pick if i could only smoke one tobacco for the rest of my life. Mr. Boswell, well done, sir! I also just picked up an elongated billiard from you and it is my favorite pipe as well. The craftsmanship is top notch and it has the best draw of any pipe in my collection. It smokes like it is perfectly broken in right out of the box. Im a little blown away to be honest. You have a customer for life and i look forward to doing business with you and your family in the future. Keep up the great work, Sir! And, thank you! Cheers!

  3. WILLIAM GRECO (verified owner)

    This English blend is wonderful. I like both Aromatics and English blends of tobacco, or at least I wanted to enjoy Englishes.
    I’ve tried all the popular English blends and basically was disappointed. I don’t like messing with cakes, flakes etc either.
    Anyhow, I saw some reviews on YouTube regarding this blend, Northwoods and wanted to give it a shot. I was happy to see this
    company is in PA as well, as I am from Gettysburg, PA. To me, this blend is most perfect. I am so happy that I tried this blend, I like
    that it is a ribbon cut and it smokes well right out of the tin or bulk bag. I have found “my English blend” here with my local company, J.M. Boswell.
    Thank you – Bill

  4. Timothy Dougherty (verified owner)

    Being fairly new to English blends, it is going to be a challenge to compare this to any other, JM has set a high bar on this! I was surprised how fantastic this tasted when I first tried this and the room note is outstanding! I watched dozens of YouTube reviews on Northwoods and every result was nothing short of perfection, even from some of our friends across the “Pond”! I have found no other competitors that put out their own perfect handmade batches of premium tobaccos as well as the most sublime handmade pipes and have 6 now and growing! Great job and much appreciated!

  5. Richard-Wayne: Fry (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite English blend. I am not a tobacco connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I know what I like. The Latika is superb; not too overpowering and not too weak. It smokes smooth and cool all the way to the bottom of the bowl. When you get there (to the bottom of the bowl) there is nothing there but fine white ash and the very pleasant memory of a wonderful smoke. The tobacco is so tasty that it is easily an all-day smoke.

  6. Ray Cope (verified owner)

    I’ve seen people talking about this blend for a long time and have been meaning to give it a try. I’m now kicking myself for taking so long. Northwoods is REALLY GOOD!
    I have a difficult time describing notes, and flavors, but I’ll simply say this stuff makes my soul happy.
    Another batch will be bought so I can pack it tightly in a jar and forget about it for a few years. I can only imagine what this would be like cellared.

  7. cleighton.presutti (verified owner)

    What more can be said about this legendary blend other than magnificent perfection. The blend that gave me a true love for latakia. Creamy smoky sweet delicate perfection. A must try for people who shy away from englishes. And lovers alike

  8. markseals87 (verified owner)

    Fantastic English blend! Definitely a top contender for Frog Morton’s Cellar. This stuff is really good

  9. ericbciphone (verified owner)

    Just smoked my first bowl of this excellent blend. Just the right portion of Latakia. I wish I had some frog Morton’s to compare, but I can’t imagine I’m missing much with this blend. Bit moist out of the bag but with some help it settled down to a very pleasant smoke in my missouri Meecham Mark Twain. If you like English blends you owe yourself a try.

  10. Ladypiper20 (verified owner)

    Five stars all the way for this aromatic English blend. I had read wonderful things about this but was going to come up with my own conclusions. 1) it does taste like Frog Morton Original (on a log), 2) it has a most wonderful scent, almost incense-like, 3) smokes wonderfully. This was my 2nd order so I could add to my cellar but I plan on getting a few pounds in the future.

  11. zdmyers15 (verified owner)

    I was looking for a reasonable replacement for Frog Morton’s Cellar and landed here. Everyone had good things to say and I’m happy to agree.

    I can’t say it will taste like FM, but I definitely stumbled on a new favorite. I look forward to ordering more.

    Thank you!

  12. bostonwins04 (verified owner)

    Just enjoyed my first bowl of Northwoods and it will not be my last. This is a really good smoke. The Latakia is this blend is not too heavy but you know it’s there. Saw were Matchs860 on youtube suggested trying this blend and I am glad I did. I got back into pipe smoking too late to try Frog Morton’s Cellar but I have seen Northwoods compared to FM. If this is close to FM I hate that I did not have a chance to try it I am happy that I ound Northwoods. I am very pleased with this blend and will be adding more to my cellar in the future.

  13. jamathers01

    I’m a huge fan of Northwoods and I’m very grateful to Bowell’s for its creation along with the consistent truly high quality of there products.

  14. timnewton30 (verified owner)

    I’m from England and this is classed as an ‘English Blend’.
    Whatever defines the ‘English’ element of a blend i don’t really care for. This stuff is amazing !!!
    I’ve done the ‘Dunhills’ ‘Early Morning Pipe’. Petersons ‘965 Mixture’. Rattrays ‘7 Reserve’ which is pretty much all we can get in the UK apart from Solani ‘White & Black.
    Boswells ‘Northwoods’ i smoke nearly all day. I often pop in another blend (ie, a Condor Flake or Solani ‘Aged burley Flake’) but i ALWAYS come back to this one.
    I don’t really have much more to say other thn the Latakia is in the background of this well balanced smoke. Smooth, sweet and tasty.
    A dry bowl to the the very bottom.
    Most Excellent !!!!

  15. Justin Schmidt (verified owner)

    This stuff really is worthy of its great reviews. I smoke many other English style tobaccos and I call this one my favorite. This is a fantastic outdoor smoke, especially in the fall and winter. Some compare it to Frog Morton, but I don’t have much experience with those blends. But it would be great if they created a Northwoods variant with a whiskey topping. They could call it Northwoods Whiskey Still.

  16. Joseph Valicko (verified owner)

    I had to find out all the hype surrounding “Northwoods” so I purchased a sample and I got one word…phenomenal. Nice full bodied and full flavored English that gives a smooth tasting cool burning smoke from beginning to end. I will be ordering more …a lot more!

  17. Art Dietz (verified owner)

    When the Frog Morton bends became defunct, I panicked like most English smokers. I enjoyed a the FM mixtures – especially Cellar. Didn’t think I’d ever find a comparable for it again. This is it! Ample latakia is apparent upon opening the container & with every puff. It put me in mind of being young again & sitting by a bon fire. The room aroma is “smoky”, which is what every English bend should be. It’s cut coarse & takes a few moments to light & then delivers a cool, dry taste. I’d put this up against any Dunhill or other “famous” English mixtures.

  18. Jody Kress (verified owner)

    This is a great blend. I love the sweetness that builds across the tongue while the smoky and slightly floral retro is maintained. If you’re reading reviews to try and figure out if you want it, stop reading already and go for it. The rave reviews are accurate – and I recommend one of their pipes, too. Quality all the way around. I wish I lived closer!

  19. tau.cephas (verified owner)

    There is a reason there is so much praise, both here, and all over the internet. This is amazing, and a great all day smoke. This is not a Lat bomb, and makes a nice introduction to English blends. But this blend is not just for beginners. It’s richness and complexity of flavor will satisfy the most experienced smokers.

    In my 39 years of pipe smoking, this is in my top 4 blends..andy top two of English blends.

    Really just perfection. I pray they never stop making this.

  20. Ralph Myers (verified owner)

    Perfect English blend! Rich smoky Latakia with subtle hints of spice from the Perique meld with the sweetness of the Virginia’s. From the Char lite all the way to the end of the bowl this tobacco behaves well and smokes cool with no tongue bite. Initially the Latakia and Perique are prominent while the Virginia’s present a subtle sweetness with a little bit of citrus notes. This tobacco gets better as you smoke it and reaches a mesmerizingly smooth, balanced flavor. The smokiness and subtle spice remain to the end while the Virginia’s continue to add sweetness. This tobacco blend is absolutely amazing! I will definitely be buying more Northwoods. I took half of my initial purchase put in in my cellar.; I’m excited to see what magic develops after 6-8 months. As usual, another great tobacco from Boswell’s!

  21. John Journell

    I’m surprised. I saw all the great reviews and decided to buy a couple ounces on my visit to Chambersburg today.

    From the smell of it, I expected something much stronger, but surprisingly (to me) this is no Latakia Bomb. Much milder than other English blends I’ve smoked. The aftertaste is on point. Mild nicotine hit. I just I could describe it better, but I’m not a great review writer. Is it the best I’ve ever had? I don’t think so, but it is very good and worthy of putting in my rotation. I’m smoking it out of my new Boswell pipe and I’m looking forward to how much it grows as I break my new pipe in with it. I gladly give it five stars!

  22. calvin18840 (verified owner)

    I have not been disappointed with a single Boswell blend so far but of all of them, I keep coming back to Northwoods. This one is the absolute best. I think any serious Piper could be happy for life with an endless supply of just this one blend.

  23. vladimir.v.shestakov (verified owner)

    Northwoods was one of the tobaccos I bought a few years ago. Since then, I couldn’t find any other tobacco that would be even close…

  24. Kirby Reese (verified owner)

    Oh, my……this is the best smelling English blend I have ever experienced. It is the ONLY English blend my wife will allow in the house, because she actually loves smelling it. It possesses that rare trait where it is acceptable in a crowd, and it is acceptable as a high end, well made pipe tobacco. I am sold on this stuff.

  25. sgmbueno (verified owner)

    Northwoods enabled me to totally quit missing Frog Morton, which was my number one go to Latakia blend for decades. Now I smile when I smoke this awesome Latakia blend, no Sir, don’t miss Frog now!

  26. Kirby Reese (verified owner)

    Whoa…….outstanding. I don’t really know what’s in this blend, but DON’T CHANGE A THING!!! Many years ago, when I was starting to explore pipe tobaccos, a small shop in my college town gave me an English type tobacco with some orientals mixed in, and it was memorable, but as time went on the shop faded away along with the blend. 40 plus years later I get exposed to Northwoods, and the enthusiasm returns. This is a masterwork that should be experienced by all pipe smokers…whether they think they won’t like this type of blend or not. Not many like this out there.

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