Boswell Pipe - JUMBO X  BLACK COAL TOMATO 2019


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J.M. uses his skill and passion to create this uniquely individual rugged Jumbo  X  for that rare smoking pleasure.

Unique Jumbo X Black Coal Tomato will give you a soothing experience as you draw from this enormous bowl and watch the friendly glow of your favorite smoke.

Find a comfortable chair, this size bowl will require you to dedicate some time towards it and will give you a relaxing & soothing experience.

Incredible rugged thick walls & full draw will insure a cooler even burning smoke.

Extraordinary wide acrylic handmade mouthpiece.

Black Coal texture is rusticated by hand with a wood chisel.  Every gouge-cut has to be right.  It takes time to learn the control necessary to do this, and a lot of actual hands-on experience.

What you can’t see are the perfect internal dimensions and mechanics of the tobacco chamber and draft hole.  As with each and every Boswell pipe made, the airway is hand bored (not using a lathe).  This is why the air passage way will always provide the smoker with a full draw and allows for a fuller smoother smoke. J.M. finds the old fashion way of doing so completes his pipes.

J.M. is holding this Jumbo X in the photo to give you an idea how truly large it is.

J.M. has hand crafted this Jumbo size mouthpiece which has been hand cut and shaped into a wide, saddle bit mouthpiece from a solid rod of black acrylic.

Mouthpiece is 1-1/8" wide.

J.M. Boswell is known worldwide for crafting theses incredible, massive looking, king size briars for well over 38 years.   Addition to being amazing smokers as well, they are capable of holding a generous supply of your favorite tobacco.

Your new Boswell pipe will come nestled in a protective handmade pipe sleeve and placed in a Boswell gift box.

We also include all the essentials for your first smoke.

Smoking becomes a relaxing time with a Boswell...

There are 15 photos of this Boswell, please look these over this Jumbo X it is a VERY large Boswell pipe.


Weight: 9 oz./ 255 grams

Bowl Height: 2-3/4"

Length: 8-3/4"

Tobacco Chamber Diameter: shy of 1"

Mouthpiece: Extra Large Acrylic

Mouthpiece is 1-1/8" wide.

Handmade in Pennsylvania U.S.A.

J.M. Boswell hand inscribes his signature into the briar and proudly declares handmade in the USA

Any question, please give us a call at 814-667-7164 during our Alexandria store hours.


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