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Back for a very limited time and supply (and by popular demand), the Nicotiana Rustica is the sister of the tobacco plant that we know and love (Nicotiana Tabacum). Native to the Amazon region and other parts of South America, the plant and the various types of use spread throughout the American continent. The English settlers found the rustica tobacco in North America in 1607 and saw how the native Indians smoked the tobacco in clay pipes. Since the nicotine content of the rustic plant is unusually high, however, it quickly went out of fashion when the Virginia and burley tobaccos known today were discovered and spread. Today, tobacco on a rustic basis can only be found in Eastern Europe, in the countries of the Middle East and in Asia. A new process was developed to make this very potent tobacco edible for the German palate. The tobacco leaves are sun dried and thus retain their natural sugar. Dark Virginia and Burley were also added to balance the flake. Like all flakes of the HH series, the Rustica was also hot pressed, which allows the tobacco flavors to combine optimally and to mature through a light fermentation. Despite all these measures, the HH Rustica still has a very high nicotine content, it is by far the strongest tobacco in the Mac Baren range and is probably one of the strongest pipe tobacco worldwide. It is recommend that one eat very well and use a small pipe before enjoying this flake, but don’t be put off, because the beloved Mac Baren HH Rustica is probably the most extraordinary tobacco of recent years and an absolute pleasure experience. 

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Why not try to create a blend using the tobacco which started the pipe smoking in the western world? And perhaps even add some other historical tobaccos as well?

Leaving our comfort zone, we started a long-term development of a new pipe tobacco. A Journey full of defeat and constant adjustments, but eventually also a very successful one. The tobaccos we used were the Nicotiana Rustica and a Dark Virginia. The bigger part of the making of this new tobacco was to find the right ratio of the two tobaccos to obtain the best interrelationship. The only way forward was to start mixing the tobaccos and then smoke the blend to find out whether we were on the right track. This is where the defeats came into play. Countless times we had to change the recipe, and we ended up mixing some Burley tobacco into the blend to get a more rounded taste.

The final tool we used was the hot press which makes the tobacco mellow and blends the nuances allowing the different tastes to marry and become much more than 1 + 1 = 2. The calculation for HH Rustica is 1 +1 = 3.

Coming to this result took a lot of time. A lot of samples had to be smoked and afterwards changes have been made, smoked again until we arrived at this final edition of the HH Rustica. The flake is a very special pipe tobacco, not to be compared with other pipe tobaccos, but quite unique.

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